All On Four Treatment

All On 4 is a dental implant technique where the upper or lower set of teeth are replaced with just four implants. These four Implants act as a support mechanism for the placement of a new set of fixed teeth. The All-on-4 treatment concept is a prosthodontic procedure which is best for patients with significant tooth loss or decay and for people whose bone loss in the jaw area prevents them from getting conventionally oriented dental implants. Often, tooth loss is accompanied by loss of the jawbone which poses the problem of reconstruction of the jawbone requiring bone grafting. The most ideal way to evaluate the bone is by a CBCT scan. The All-on-4 protocol is for at least four implants to be placed in a jaw. The implant is placed in front of the maxillary sinus in the upper jaw and in front of the mental nerve in the lower jaw. This will allow a molar tooth to be cantilevered posterior resulting in a denture or bridge with approximately 12 teeth.

All On Six Treatment

If the patient’s jawbone health is sufficient, the All on 6 procedure may be the best solution. The All on 6 treatment has the same as the All on 4 dish. All on 6 implants are located where the jawbone is healthy and high. This treatment is designed for patients with enough bone structure and is an alternative to traditional dental implants because it maximizes bone potential. Long-term tooth loss adversely affects oral health. Patients with bone loss experience gum irritation while eating. There are difficulties in speaking and many other activities.

What should be done if there is regional bone loss for All-on-6 treatment?

In some cases, bone grafting or bone regeneration is usually required before implants are placed. In areas where the bone structure is insufficient, the patient can regain bone health with bone grafting. However, All on 6 uses only six implants to anchor your denture where the bone is the strongest. Therefore, when using the All-on-6 technique, bone grafting is rarely required. All on four treatment and All on six treatment are successfully applied in our clinic with our expert doctor staff. Full mouth dental implant treatment can be performed by specialist doctors in our clinic. The first consultation of the patient in full mouth dental implant treatment will be with specialist doctors. The jawbone structure will be examined for full mouth dental implant treatment.